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How To Build a Bicycle Powered Washing Machine

There are many ways to build yourself a pedal powered washing machine.  The first one we saw was simply a bicycle attached to the washing machine where the pedals do the work of the motor.  In other words you make the machine turn by pedaling.

What you need:

Washing machine
Some hardware
Maybe some welding


Here is a video that explains it a little:


And for the improved version:

We can list a whole bunch of websites and examples but here is a few that we like:




With a little imagination and some ingenuity this is an easy project.


As soon as we have land secured we will start really making all the things we’ve posted about on the site!!!  For now see what the community is going to look like: The Catalyst

Until next time…




Herbs: Basil Clones

We just found out that basil clippings re grow roots very easily.

1-Cut off the top few inches (6 to 10 cm) of the the stem.
2-Soak the bottom half of your clippings in a glass of water.
3-After a few days you should start seeing roots forming.
4-Wait another few days to let them grow a couple inches (3 or 4 cm).
5-Carefully plant your rooted clippings in the dirt and voila, you have clones!!!



Basil is commonly used fresh in cooked recipes. In general, it is added at the last moment, as cooking quickly destroys the flavor.

The fresh herb can be kept for a short time in plastic bags in the refrigerator, or for a longer period in the freezer, after being blanched quickly in boiling water.

The dried herb also loses most of its flavor, and what little flavor remains tastes very different, with a weak coumarin flavor, like hay.

The parts of the plant that grow above the ground are used to make medicine.

Basil is used for stomach spasms, loss of appetite, intestinal gas, kidney conditions, fluid retention, head colds, warts, and worm infections. It is also used to treat snake and insect bites.

Women sometimes use basil before and after childbirth to promote blood circulation, and also to start the flow of breast milk.

Some people use it as a gargle.

Basil is known to repel thrips, flies and mosquitoes, protecting companion-planted tomatoes from these pests, as well as from milkweed bugs, hornworms and aphids. Basil also acts as a natural fungicide.

Homemade Folding Lounge Chair…..Time to take a Break!

Sometimes while building your homestead or prepping your home for whatever it is the future has in mind, we still have to think about relaxing. This here is another piece of a DIY book called The Home Lover’s Encyclopedia.

With a bit of your imagination you could come up with loads of improvements and reinforcements or make it as it says to make it. Either way you will have a nice folding lounge chair to relax on.





Build a Solar Dehydrator

Just found this lovely blog from the UK. I’ve been wanting to dehydrate food but I don’t want an electric dehydrator….here it is, if you’re handy you’ll figure it out. These aren’t exactly plans, but you will see how it is built and can make your own from that…click here for the pics and a few measurements!


The Liebster Blog Award!!!!

So we have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by the lovely New England Permaculture Homestead.  Thank you New England Permies!!!  For today we’re going to take a quick tour of what the Award is all about.

20140301-222147.jpgAs far as we can tell the award is sort of like a chain letter for bloggers.  The goal is to bring attention to blogs that haven’t been discovered. To accept the award one must nominate 5 bloggers with no more than 200 followers, thank the person who nominated them, link that person’s blog to their own and answer a few question.  As for the origin of the Liebster Blog Award it seems to be still young.  We searched online for the origin and didn’t find too much prior to 2010.  It seems that rules have also changed here and there….

Here are the rules we were given:

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award and add a link to their blog.
  • Display the award on your blog
  • Provide a few facts about yourself (we used a link to my “about” page)
  • Answer a few questions provided by your nominator. You will need to create a list of questions for your nominees as well. You can use the ones we’ve passed along, or make up your own:
    1. What inspired you to begin blogging?
    2. What do you enjoy most about it?
    3. What do you hope others will gain from reading your blog?
    4. How important is it to you to receive likes, comments and more followers?
  • Nominate at least five bloggers who are relatively new or have a small number of followers. (Not all blogs post the number of followers, but you can usually look in their archives and tell when they started blogging.) It’s my understanding that the award is intended for newer bloggers to encourage them in their endeavor. Be sure to add a link to their blog so your readers will be able to go and see what they’re up to.
  • List a set of rules on your blog.
  • Inform each of your nominees that they have been nominated and let them know they need to see your posting of the rules on your blog.
  • You can search the internet for more information about the Leibster Blog Award. You’ll find many variations on the rules. What I have here is pretty basic. You can also search “images” for the award and pick out the design you like best to post on your blog. I hope this award will be as much of an encouragement to all of you as it was to me. To each of you, keep inspiring and blog on!


Here it goes…

Thanks again to New England Permaculture for nominating us!!!

We’re an artist collective looking to live sustainably as much as wee can, learn and teach new skills in a permaculture state of mind.  In the OffGridders blog you should find all easy to do and cheap ways to get off the grid through step by step blue prints and photos.

I think I started blogging because I wanted to have access to the information we’re posting from anywhere on the planet…  And share the knowledge we’re finding.

What I enjoy most about blogging must be the idea of spreading my interests and interacting and connecting with like minded people.

I hope to inspire people in getting themselves on a sustainable way of life and show that we don’t need to be millionaires to live in such way that stops raping our planet.

it’s important for me to learn and share the skills needed to live off the grid on a small budget, if the people want to follow and like the blog it’s up to them….numbers aren’t what’s important but we should spread this thing, the more people live sustainably the more our planet will let us stay on it!

The Five Blogs I choose to nominate are:

Free Range Quest

Stay At Home Hippy

Fate Pacifica

Gardening Diary

Grow Your Grub


Thanks all for reading ’till the end….!


Ancient Technology, Free Energy and Moneyless Society.

This here is a kind of blue print to start moving yourselves towards a sustainable moneyless society…check it out, it’s a Video from Michael Telliger

The People's Caravan

Sound seems to be the ultimate ancient source of power.

I watched a video from Michael Tellinger called Ancient technology and the Ubuntu movement.

I just can’t believe what I was watching.  This is just amazing, I want everyone to see it, I truly loved it. The first half is somewhat mixed in archeology and ancient technology using resonance to manipulate the laws of physics as we know them today.  It seems as though people long long long ago were using sound waves to move very large quantities of objects small and large (here we’re talking about gold, but it could have been anything…such as giant rocks to the top of an enormous building or boiling a cup of tea).  There are literally millions of circular rock formations in southern africa just like Stonehenge, we have no idea what they are and there are no remains of the people…

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DIY LIQUID Laundry Detergent… Lose the Chemicals!

Will have to try this very soon

The Stay at Home Hippie


DIY LIQUID LAUNDRY SOAP! Okay, I don’t know about you, but I spend a small fortune on laundry detergent. Between my being a woman and Michael being a chef (gross chefs’ clothes), we go through quite a bit. And we are both allergic to certain brands. Awesome. So, yeah, this is a great way to not only have safer detergent, cheaper detergent, but also hypoallergenic detergent. WIN! It looks time consuming –it’s not. Making liquid detergent just has a few steps, but doesn’t take but a couple of more minutes. This is a TWO GALLON recipe (adjust as needed) and you only use half of a cup a load! Makin’ it rain.

Shall we start?

1/2 cup Borax
1/2 cup Washing Soda
1/3 Bar of Soap

4 cups hot water
6 cups water
1 gallon water



Gather your weapons, soldier. It only requires three, but…

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