A Practical Guide for Permaculturists Living Free


Many of us have been tired of being the slaves of society and now it’s time to move on, expand a society within, that is not afraid to use the infrastructure already in place but simply manipulating it to our needs (a form of permaculture I guess).  The way life is for many, it’s the other way around and so the comfortably numb have become manipulated by the system or infrastructure.

Our intentions here is to post as many different ways and lifestyles that are cheap and off the grid mostly in the form of “how to” and easy to read instructables.  We want to learn about permaculture, how to make electricity, fossil fuel, medicine and so on and so…

The mission is to spread that knowledge across the globe for free.  I know there are plenty of cheap and simple plans and systems in use today to create a life more in tune with nature and unattached to material slavery.

My wife and I are going on the road to learn about living off the grid as much as we can, becoming a nomadic cultural center for Off Gridders, Artists and Makers.  We will happily accept help in any form or shape on this adventure finding and becoming modern permaculturists.

Thank you and see you soon…on the road or in a community!


2 responses

  1. Triston

    Greetings! I hope your journey is going well and would love to be a part of it. I am in tears as I read about u guys; tears of joy for u, but of sadness for me. I am so unhappy and yearn for a similar life. My marriage is basically over since I see our world in a different light contra to my wifes view as to what is important. But I deserve happiness as you guys have. I have done everything right and was not good enough so I plan to be happy by doing what my heart tells me to do. I have wanted to travel the world and learn and teach and live. I did for a while but lived that status quo society life. Does not work for me. I am a NY licensed Physician Assistant, a veteran and retired Court officer. I taught myself about solar energy and have been storing supplies to hit the road. I am in great shape at 42, have perpetual income.( not enough but can live on it) and I have a loving beautiful heart. Please let me know how I can join the Caravan. God Bless…PJ

    July 2, 2014 at 19:42

    • Hi Triston, I am sad to hear your different views mean that the marriage is over. Sounds like it’s better for both of you to go your own ways. Time heals and you will find happiness. Sorry i haven’t seen your post earlier. You’re doing the right thing by following your heart!

      Our trip has taken us to a new strategy. We have realized that we needed a home base in order to really get things going. We are now building an Ecovillage with folks we met along the way who want the same thing. You can see more here http://catalystecovillage.org/ and if you have facebook you can also find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/catalystcommunity/

      I hope you find this suits you and see you soon!

      September 5, 2014 at 07:34

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