A Practical Guide for Permaculturists Living Free

Growing Food All Year in New York City

We’re in transit….just came back from an 8 months honey moon.  We’re now subletting a place with a small yard but winter has set in.  Come March we are hitting the road again looking to lear anything we can from people living off the grid so that we can post the knowledge and easy “Do It Yourself” plans.

There are tons of different way to get yourself off the grid “on the cheap” and as you may already know this is what this blog is about.  Sharing easily understandable knowledge and blue prints for all of us out there who are not millionaires!

So for now, if you want to stay in the big city and grow your own food, lettuce, strawberries, herbs, kale… it is possible even in the confines of a small apartment without a yard or balcony.  Hell you can even grow food if you don’t have a window in your small apartment with grow LED strips!

window garden1

Urban farming is where we need to head in cities if we want to survive, along with wasting and using less.  Roof top farms, taking over public land to turn into community gardens and window farming.  Window farming is something everyone can start doing on their own, save some cash and start saving the planet!

Click here for the plans they’re easy to build and cost very little especially if you upcycle most of the materials!


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