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The Ultimate Guide to Homsteading

Here’s a book that everyone needs to read if you want to venture in living off the grid and homesteading.
From building a yurt to maintaining a thriving winter garden, this simple guide is all you need to live off the land.



Homemade Vegetable Oil Lamp



Lets make an oil lamp. On this web site can see step by step photos to do this. Looks very easy. Enjoy

I’m going to find some DIY plans for the techniques described in the blog.

project chesapeake

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The Crux Event

One of the hardest things to go without when going off grid is refrigeration. Most other operations can be replaced by manual means but keeping food cold or frozen in hot weather is a unique need in modern times. In times past the need for refrigeration was limited because most food was prepared fresh every day and very little was kept for several days due in part to the lack of mechanical cooling. The fast paced lifestyle many now live have led people to depend on frozen or refrigerated food due to the modern day work habits leaving little time for home preparation of food. In times past most women worked in the home all day, so daily preparation of food was a natural occurance. With most women working outside of the home nowadays, the fast preparation of food dominates most…

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Rocket stove than makes electricity? Yes yes it is true!

The People's Caravan

These things are so cool, we’re thinking about bringing one out to the People’s Caravan….  Little wood burning stoves that produce electricity!  Charge your smart phones while cooking up a feast? Hell yeah!


Picture 16

Another little stove that is heading into humanitarian efforts or wherever you want it to go!  If you can’t afford the cheap price on this ready made rocket stove, make one yourself but at least check it out:  http://www.stovetec.net/us/index.php

Picture 18

City dwellers (and everyone else too): Grow your own food vertically right at your window…  This one’s a hydroponic system and we love it!


Picture 19

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