A Practical Guide for Permaculturists Living Free

How To Make an Earthen or Adobe Floor

Floors made of Dirt? Yeah, people are taking back an old recipe for their floors…it’s cool in the summer, it holds the heat in the winter, it’s durable cheap and it’s not too difficult a task to take on yourself (with a friend or two)!!!  All you need is a bit of time and sweat, the materials can actually be found mostly in the wild.
There are of course many ways to make an earthen floor here’s one interesting article from the New York Times and here is a “how to” guide from eHow’s web site.

More reading at EcoBrooklyn and at I Love Cob in which you can find all sorts of articles and instruction for building Rocket Stoves to ovens made of cob to ideas for your straw bale house plans. 


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