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Homemade Batteries!!!! (Build at your own Risk)

Hi guys,

I’ve just been online researching I guess for something to post and came across a pdf file that explains how to make your own DIY batteries.  Too technical for the blog?  Maybe not right?

I haven’t read it all yet, just skimmed through it but it looks promising! It lists a few different “experiments” to try, just be careful apparently some of the building plans use bleach or drain cleaner…

Anyway it’s some good stuff to know and seems easy enough to build.  At some point we’ll make and test everything.  We just need get out there and learn hands on!

Ok here’s the link from arizonaenergy.org

Enjoy and maybe you can tell me how the batteries work if you’ve already made one!

See you next time


Building plans for 1947 Teardrop trailer

Here are some plans to build a teardrop trailer with a complete kitchenette. Now just keep in mind that these are plans drawn up back in the 40’s so you may want to bring a few things up to date, though personally I kind of like that it has plans for an old school ice box instead of an electric refrigerator!!!

For more information here’s a forum all about Teardrop and Tiny Trailers

(Click on the picture below to get to the blueprints in PDF)


Little and mobile DIY Home

Damn this is good stuff…!  So here I was doing dishes at me mom’s house and decided to watch some DIY videos at the same time.

The first one I came across was a definite plus for the OffGridders with the travel bug.  This is a small mobile house made for under $3500 mostly out of free material given and found.  All you need is a bit of common sense and only some experience in carpentry. If you don’t know how to build anything just ask around, you’re bound to have at least one friend willing to teach you the basics! In the end the internet can show you how to do just about anything.  I love the idea and will soon have to construct myself something like it.  Here it is:

I will be searching for more building plans you can use as a guide to build your own.

See you later

How To Make an Earthen or Adobe Floor

Floors made of Dirt? Yeah, people are taking back an old recipe for their floors…it’s cool in the summer, it holds the heat in the winter, it’s durable cheap and it’s not too difficult a task to take on yourself (with a friend or two)!!!  All you need is a bit of time and sweat, the materials can actually be found mostly in the wild.
There are of course many ways to make an earthen floor here’s one interesting article from the New York Times and here is a “how to” guide from eHow’s web site.

More reading at EcoBrooklyn and at I Love Cob in which you can find all sorts of articles and instruction for building Rocket Stoves to ovens made of cob to ideas for your straw bale house plans. 

Learn all about Rocket stove mass heaters

I will soon post some up close plans and drawings with simple instructions to build your own!!!

The People's Caravan

This web site really gets into the details and benefits of rocket stoves.


And thos of you who want to make your own, there’s loads of explanations there too!!


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Yeah… Don’t know so much about the end of the world….But i is a good idea to get ourselves off the grid!

The People's Caravan

We have 3 days to live life as we know it. We are still at work, not sure whether to quit or hold on to pay for our precious bills.  Life has now become dull, and December 21st is around the corner.
It’s the end of the world and everyone’s going bananas… Relax people all we have to do is get off the grid (says the guy on this blogg!) We have 3 days to live life as we know it.

Check some of these sites for information on getting yourself off the grid:

And these are some DIY ideas to free yourselves a bit more:

And now…making your own 1000 watt wind turbine:

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Off Gridders Unite

Many of us have been tired of being the slaves of society and now it’s time to move on, expand a society within, that is not afraid to use the infrastructure already in place but simply manipulating it to our needs.  The way life is for many, it’s the other way around and so the comfortably numb have become manipulated by the system or infrastructure.  I will not have it anymore….

My intention here is to list different ways and lifestyles that are off the grid.  I want to learn about permaculture, how to make electricity, fossil fuel, medicine and so on and so…The mission is to spread that knowledge across the globe for free.  I know there are plenty of cheap and simple plans and systems in use today to create a life more in tune with nature and off the grid.

My wife and I are going on the road to learn about living off the grid as much as we can and become a nomadic cultural center for Off Gridders, Artists and Makers.  My wife and I will accept help in any form or shape in this adventure finding and becoming modern permaculturists.